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CRC Meeting Management
5858 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: 612-378-0551
FAX: 612-378-2597
About CRC, Inc.

Cargill Romsaas Consultants, Inc. (CRC) was founded in 1995. The company provides meeting management, travel incentive and special event coordination to businesses worldwide. With the growing demand to outsource meeting management and travel incentive servies, CRC has emerged as a preier planning partner. CRC's services allow organizations the luxury of making one phone call for all their planning needs. Whether it's planning a travel incentive program to Rome, a Sales Confernece in San Antonio or an executive golf retreat to Pebble Beach , CRC's staff provides professional and cost effective services that you can rely on. Contact our office today to set up a complimentry program consultation or to talk to one of our travel professionals.

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